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Hospital part 2

I could not stop barfing yesterday. So Stephen skipped out on church, came home right after work and rushed me over to the hospital again.

I started out in Urgent Care at about 7 p.m. They gave me two bags of saline, Zofran and Reglan. I was still dry heaving at 9:30 p.m. Urgent care closes at 10 p.m. so the doctor on call got me a bed in the ER. I got another bag of saline, Phenergan, 2 smallish bags of magnesium, and a bag with vitamins, potassium, and gluclose.

I was so bloated! My fingers were super puffy. I could barely bend them.

After the Phenergan the nausea finally went away. But I still had to stay until all my IV bags were finished. I finally got discharged at 8 a.m.

I had follow up appointment with my OB this afternoon. He upped my dosage of Zofran and wants me to take that in combination with some Phenergan suppositories. Yeah… not fun!

He said I should try and at the very least keep eating crackers. If my carbs get below a certain level I am going to barf no matter what.

If I’m feeling even the least bit crappy tomorrow he wants me to come in and he’ll have me admitted for the entire weekend. I don’t really want to do that, but I don’t want to get down to emergency mode either. So we’ll see how I’m doing then.

I have another appointment scheduled for next week for followup.

Also the cat is out of the bag so to speak. More and more people were having to be told because of my having to go to the hospital and stuff. So we called the rest of our families tonight.

The most interesting conversation of all was with my mom. I was always told that my mom loved being pregnant and that’s why she went through it four times. Well tonight she told me that she had pretty severe morning sickness with me. She lost 20 lbs her first trimester. My dad said he remembered it being bad with my sister Paula too.

So it makes sense because while a whole lot is not known about Hypermesis Gravidarum, they do think that there may be a hereditary link.

The other nice thing about telling some more people is that we have a lot more support. Since we have to go to the hospital all the way on the other side of town, Stephen’s parents said he could come over and crash if he needed to for a bit if it happens again. My friend Megan and Stephen’s mom also volunteered to trade shifts with Stephen too.

One of the reasons Stephen didn’t want to leave is that they really are not super attentive there at the hospital. In my Urgent care room I was dry heaving for like 10 minutes before anyone even came in. I couldn’t bend my arms because of the IVs. So Stephen had to hold the basin for me. What if he wasn’t there? And when my IV bag finally finished in the ER this morning, the thing kept beeping and no one did anything. Finally, a nurse came over and just shut off the machine so it wouldn’t beep anymore. After about 15 or 20 minutes my doctor came over and got the process started for me to be discharged. The funny thing is that they really needed the beds too. So I don’t know what took them so long.

I’m just grateful I have such a caring and attentive advocate though.

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Just when I thought…


Yesterday was actually a pretty great day for me. I had plenty of fluids all day, I ate a banana, applesauce, grapes, veggie chips and saltines without any problems. Well last night I started to get really bad indigestion. It wouldn’t go away even after the Unisom. I woke up several times in the night.

I’ve barfed twice today and can barely keep some Smart Water down.

This is what happened during the weekend too. Saturday I was doing much better and I even ate a toasted half sandwich of turkey and cheese. Then Sunday I couldn’t stop barfing.

I just really want to be able to eat normally and not feel like crap anymore. I want to be able to get this house in order and take advantage of all the time I have at home before the baby gets here.

Instead I’m stuck in bed today researching methods for coping with hypermesis.

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First appointment

So I had my first appointment. Just like your typically awkward OB/GYN exam.

He said my uterus is definitely enlarged, but feels like I’m ony 6-8 weeks, which is what I thought.

He said it is fine to take the Unisom if it works. He said he didn’t start me on that because it only works in 30% of patients whereas Phenergan works in 60% and Zofran works in 90% of patients.

He also found out that they can’t do IV’s in the office for Hypermesis patients so I’ll have to go to the hospital if the non-stop barfing starts up again. He said next time though if it isn’t on the weekend to come into the office and he’ll get me admitted so I don’t have to sit in the ER waiting area and I actually get a bed overnight instead of getting my IV on a cold bench in the hallway.

We scheduled an ultrasound and followup appointment for three weeks from now which will give us the corrected due date as well as screen for Down’s Syndrome.

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First ER trip

The barfing got out of controll last night. I couldn’t keep my medicines down. It was happening every few minutes from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. So we went to the E.R. We had to go to the E.R. where my doctor’s office is, which is all the way across town in the Southwest. This is because if they decided that they needed to admit me they would have to call my OB and he only works out of that hospital.

This is also where I have to go when it is time for the baby. It is going to be a long drive.

They gave me Reglan and Zofran, which are both anti-nausea drugs and two bags of fluids.

There weren’t enough beds so I had to sit on a bench in the hallway. It was cold. My teeth chattered.

At 3 a.m. when both bags had finished I did feel better, but still a little nauseous. So they made me eat some saltines and drink some water. I held them down. So finally at 4 a.m. we were allowed to go home.

I climed straight into bed and went to sleep. It had been a long night.

This morning when I woke up I had couple triscuits on their recommendation. That really helped. I tried to have a little Gatorade, but as soon as it hit my stomach there was a protest so I’ve been sticking to water. I’m really sick of Gatorade.

I was wide awake at 8 a.m.

I had checked on the pregnancy message boards and hundreds of women have been prescribed the Unisom trick I heard. It is still widely used in Canada. There are no links any problems.

So far it is the only thing that has worked for a long period of time. So instead of my regular dose of Zofran this morning I took the Unisom and the vitamin. I slept from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., but I feel totally great. On the message boards many of the women said it was the only thing that worked for them, even over the prescriptions like Phenergan and Zofran.

That seems to be the case with me. I think I’m willing to sacrifice a little grogginess for not barfing. Tomorrow at my appointment I’m going to talk to my doctor about it.

So the ER also says I am 9 weeks now even in light of my longer 44 day cycle. 9 weeks! That means I only have three more weeks to go until we’re in the safe zone. I guess I’ll know more at my finally official appointment tomorrow.

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Not fair

This blog is turning into a bit of a pitty party for me.

I know I really want a baby. I really want to be a mom. We wouldn’t have tried and gone through all the emotional rollercoaster that entailed if this wasn’t what I wanted.

But seriously, today I just feel like screaming, “It’s not fair!”

Why is it that some people just get pregnant without even thinking about it and have these normal perfect pregnancies. Pregnancies that make them want to have multiple children.

Honestly, I don’t know if I could ever go through this again.

Friday afternoon we went back to the doctor. I was fine Thursday night and Friday morning, but about 11 a.m. I started barfing again. I barfed four times until 2:30 when Stephen came home and got me.

So the doctor says that I should just take advantage of the window from the Zofran where I don’t feel like barfing and try to get as much liquids or foods in as I can. The problem is that you take the Zofran every 12 hours. So with only a few hour window that leaves me feeling miserable the rest of the day.

Yesterday I only allowed myself to dry heave once. I’m so sick of barfing. I still felt so incredibly nauseous most of the day.

And even though I’m not barfing, the nausea makes it difficult to even fathom putting stuff into my body. Nothing sounds good. I’m starting to get really sick of gatorade too. I constantly have this sour aftertaste from it in my mouth.

I was able to eat a toasted turkey and cheese half sandwich last night after the Zofran. I feel really hungry, but so sick to my stomach at the same time.

So that’s how things are going on the nausea front. Another “poor me, I’m miserable” entry.

I’m dropping out of school and after this week work will be over too. If I can even make it in to work.

Stephen and I decided that I just need to be home. He talked to his boss and they’re going to try and work something out so he can do a different position or have more responsibilities and make enough so I don’t have to work.

That will be nice. So while I’m a little bummed to not do school, there really isn’t any point if I’m just going to be at home. Which is what I want more than anything.

I decided to do this program because I pretty much had given up hope of us having kids. The clinical definition cuts off at a year for infertility. The funny part is that when I was doing all my paperwork and signing up for classes I was already a couple weeks pregnant. I just didn’t know it.

I’m looking forward to not feeling nauseous and being about to get our house really clean, finish up projects I’ve been meaning to do, cooking again and lots of other stuff.

So much for my feminist side…

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Lisa 2.0

So since the whole job thing I’ve been striving to be a better version of me here and there. Mostly just standing up for myself and not taking no for an answer when I know that I deserve or need better.

That’s basically what I did today.

First thing this morning I called the doctor’s office because the prescription did absolutely nothing for me. I barfed three times last night then at 6 a.m. and then a bunch more times today. It even happened in the shower. So I kept waiting and waiting for a call back from the doctor’s office and never got one. So then I called a couple hours before my orientation and they just told me that they were probably busy with more urgent calls.

So I went to orientation (which I will talk about later). I was walking out to my car when I just decided I wasn’t going to be a pushover. I walked back in, even though it was now like 5:30 p.m. and I walked upstairs and down the hall to where my doctor’s office is. There were still people waiting to be seen and a few nurses floating around. So I just said that I really needed to be seen because I had been barfing all day and I kept trying to call and not getting a response. I said that the medicine that was prescribed didn’t work at all.

So it took awhile, but they worked me in. And my doctor was glad that I had stopped by instead of waiting until I was completely dehydrated. Well, and he wanted to congratulate me because he knows we were trying for exactly a year.

I got a new prescription for Zofran, which is used to treat chemo patients with nausea problems, and for Pepcid, to control the acid. He said if I can keep down liquids tonight and one of my yogurt drinks tomorrow that I should be OK. If not, he wants me to stop in tomorrow afternoon and he’ll have me admitted overnight for an IV.

Orientation… Just basically it signs you up for the classes and they have you fill out all your paperwork and lab slips ahead of time. And you get a big bag of stuff… like a bunch of free advertising for all the baby products companies.

We did get a certificate for a free 6oz steak dinner from Tahoe Joe’s. So that was exciting.

So far the Zofran seems to be working. I was nearly about to barf when I got home, and I still feel a little sick, but the barf feeling is gone.

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10 weeks 4 days

So because of flu season the hospital didn’t have any beds available. My doctor sent me to the ER to at least get some hydration, more on that later.

I am supposed to call the home health nursing company today to find out if they have anyone that is certified to put a PICC line in. If so I can skip the hospital and my doctor can just put in an order for them to do it. I hope that is the case.

If not, then I am supposed to call my doctor this morning and he’s going to check on the availability of beds at the hospital. He’ll have me admitted and then we just get to play the waiting game because the nurses that can put in PICC lines are not always available right away. I could be in there for days.

Yesterday a home nurse came out and after four very stressful digging pokes, she was unable to start an IV line. It seems my veins are all used up and they don’t want to participate in this mess anymore. So that is why I had to go in to see my doctor.

My doctor called over to the ER ahead of me to see what their situation was like. Luckily there was a “lull” so I got in and got a bed pretty quickly. A nurse was able to get an IV started right away and I got 1 liter of fluid and some Reglan.

I was feeling pretty good until they told me that my potassium was low. Then they made me drink this most vile substance to bring up my potassium levels. That didn’t stay down long. Since I threw it up they tried to make me take potassium pills. Those were just like the drink. They burned all the way down and all the way back out. They finally let me go home anyway and said it would be good if I could take the pills at home. I figure I’m getting a banana bag sometime today one way or another so there’s no sense torturing my stomach anymore.

They didn’t really want me in there, I could tell. That was OK with me because I didn’t really want to be in there myself. Tons of sick people that were coughing and sharing their flu germs were all around. The last thing I need is to get something like that. Actually, a few weeks ago my doctor said it could even be fatal.

I threw up several times during the night and didn’t get much sleep. I felt like my heart was racing and I was shaking the whole time.

We had several great people to thank last night. First, the church gave Stephen tonight off when he told some people what was going on. So no worries there. My best friend Megan went to our house, took care of our dogs and then brought Stephen food and sat with me for awhile. And Ruth called and I could tell it helped Stephen to talk to his big sister and calm down a bit.

I’m just so ready for all of this to be over. What a night.

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