Hospital part 2

I could not stop barfing yesterday. So Stephen skipped out on church, came home right after work and rushed me over to the hospital again.

I started out in Urgent Care at about 7 p.m. They gave me two bags of saline, Zofran and Reglan. I was still dry heaving at 9:30 p.m. Urgent care closes at 10 p.m. so the doctor on call got me a bed in the ER. I got another bag of saline, Phenergan, 2 smallish bags of magnesium, and a bag with vitamins, potassium, and gluclose.

I was so bloated! My fingers were super puffy. I could barely bend them.

After the Phenergan the nausea finally went away. But I still had to stay until all my IV bags were finished. I finally got discharged at 8 a.m.

I had follow up appointment with my OB this afternoon. He upped my dosage of Zofran and wants me to take that in combination with some Phenergan suppositories. Yeah… not fun!

He said I should try and at the very least keep eating crackers. If my carbs get below a certain level I am going to barf no matter what.

If I’m feeling even the least bit crappy tomorrow he wants me to come in and he’ll have me admitted for the entire weekend. I don’t really want to do that, but I don’t want to get down to emergency mode either. So we’ll see how I’m doing then.

I have another appointment scheduled for next week for followup.

Also the cat is out of the bag so to speak. More and more people were having to be told because of my having to go to the hospital and stuff. So we called the rest of our families tonight.

The most interesting conversation of all was with my mom. I was always told that my mom loved being pregnant and that’s why she went through it four times. Well tonight she told me that she had pretty severe morning sickness with me. She lost 20 lbs her first trimester. My dad said he remembered it being bad with my sister Paula too.

So it makes sense because while a whole lot is not known about Hypermesis Gravidarum, they do think that there may be a hereditary link.

The other nice thing about telling some more people is that we have a lot more support. Since we have to go to the hospital all the way on the other side of town, Stephen’s parents said he could come over and crash if he needed to for a bit if it happens again. My friend Megan and Stephen’s mom also volunteered to trade shifts with Stephen too.

One of the reasons Stephen didn’t want to leave is that they really are not super attentive there at the hospital. In my Urgent care room I was dry heaving for like 10 minutes before anyone even came in. I couldn’t bend my arms because of the IVs. So Stephen had to hold the basin for me. What if he wasn’t there? And when my IV bag finally finished in the ER this morning, the thing kept beeping and no one did anything. Finally, a nurse came over and just shut off the machine so it wouldn’t beep anymore. After about 15 or 20 minutes my doctor came over and got the process started for me to be discharged. The funny thing is that they really needed the beds too. So I don’t know what took them so long.

I’m just grateful I have such a caring and attentive advocate though.

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