Well I started not feeling so great last night…

Well I started not feeling so great last night, but I have yet to throw up. I’m still holding down food and water OK. So no IVs yet.

Update 9:25 PM

Today has just been the most random day ever.

Health: I did throw up a little water this morning, but have been able to keep the rest of my meals and hydration down. I only feel sick now when I let my stomach get empty. I’m researching various forms of protein that are transportable and don’t stink. I have a nut allergy and so I can’t go with the traditional protein bars. Ruth did give me some good starts and I’m planning on making a trip to Lassen’s tomorrow to see if they can help me find something.

Home: I have been so sick of all these white walls in our house, especially now that I’m looking at them all the time. So today I went to Home Depot and bought some environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless paint and began painting part of our living room. Color on the walls is so nice! Apparently this paint is twice as much as the Behr paint we normally buy though (I don’t look at prices) so this will be the only painting I get to do. Stephen says he’ll handle the rest. I guess the only random part about this is that I just left the house at 10:30 this morning and decided to go buy paint and then start painting.

Careers: This was the most random part of all. As I’m sitting in our living room and painting I get a call from my best friend. My best friend Megan is the 5 p.m. producer at KGET. I worked there about a year ago. They apparently fired their web producer and really want me to come back even though I left not on the best of terms. It was just weird. I kept going back and forth on it all afternoon and then just decided to stick with the plan and be at home. I’ll be happier at home. It’s what I’ve wanted all along. It was kind of nice to get some closure on that whole thing though and know that I’m still respected and thought of highly by some well known colleagues.


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