10 weeks 6 days

Well yesterday was infinitely better than the previous two days. I started to feel a little crappy last night, but I didn’t throw up. Afterall, I’m not doing much different so far. The PICC line is just more permanent than the other IV lines. I’m still getting the same hydration and medicines though. So like Sunday and Monday I still have times when I feel a little crappy even when I’m getting my hydration.

I wanted to focus on a few good, happy things this post. Simply because there has been so much bad lately.

First is the heartbeat. Pretty much every time we go in now my OB whips out his doppler and checks on the heartbeat. To me it’s still a little awkward. I have to unbutton my pants and I’m not even showing or anything yet, so he finds the heartbeat pretty low. But EVERY single time it comes across the speakers Stephen’s face just lights up with the biggest “wow!” look ever. It doesn’t get old.

The next one is that my sister-in-law Ruth is coming all the way from Newbury Park to help us out and take care of me and feed me for the next two days. She’s the best.

Also Stephen has just really stepped up through this whole thing. He’s missed work, he’s come home to give me food at lunch he’s done everything. If you are going to go through something rough like this… well I guess you don’t really know if or when you are going to go through something like this… but if you are, make sure you pick someone that will be there and will handle the situation.

This is a little off topic, but I forgot to mention something that the OB said the other day before he sent me off to the ER. He said that 3 in 4 of the patients at the medical group that have morning sickness this severe and this late into the pregnancy have girls. Just another prediction factoid for you.


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