11 weeks 6 days

I have a small rant today.

I love my OB. He is really meticulous, caring, aggressive in treating what I have and ruling out all options.

However, my OB is part of a large OB group. The group has a phone bank of receptionists that take in all the calls and relay messages back to each of the doctors.

I do not like these receptionists. They brush me off when I call with statements like, “Well that just isn’t high on their priority list because they have urgent situations they have to deal with.” They are usually pretty rude too.

It is impossible to actually be transferred to one of the staff members in my doctor’s office. The staff members back there know me and my situation and are always so compassionate.

That is why on occassion I have had to just go in without an appointment or not wait for my message to be relayed to my doctor. I always feel like I have to bypass the phone bank.

I’m not a person who really likes to cheat the system or cheat in general, but sometimes I guess you just have to in order to make sure you get what you need.

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