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16 weeks

So what I’ve read and what I’ve been told is that the top part of my stomach is popping out like that because my organs have shifted upward and because they are full of more stuff as my digestion has slowed slightly. The baby is much smaller than that. At 16 weeks the baby is only 6 inches long and weighs in at a mere 4 ounces. And the baby is still really low at this point so don’t get too excited about that belly.

I’ve been pretty nauseaus yesterday and today. I’m a little worried because our insurance is suddenly being stingy with the Zofran. They only will cover 9 doses every 22 days now. That is totally ridiculous because on a yucky day I need to take 2-3 doses. So since yesterday I’ve already used 1/3 of my supply. My hope is to not be on it anymore, but I also don’t want to get so bad that I have to get IVs again. I usually have 1-2 really good medicine-free days at this point and then a yucky day or two. So I’m still needing the medicine on those days. The good thing is that the insurance is changing April 1 so maybe the new company will be better about this kind of coverage.

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First blankie

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15 weeks 4 days

I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!

No more sleeping with a pump running next to my bed. No more getting tangled up in tubing. No more itchy medical tape all over my arm. No more carrying the IV backpack around. No more preparing banana bags. No more needles to extract medicine with.

My doctor removed the PICC line today and gave me a prescription for oral Zofran.

I’m free!

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Cheeseburger in paradise…

I had another one today despite my feeling under the weather this morning. I just couldn’t resist it. So far so good. I’m keeping it down.

I also went to the yarn store because I of course just needed one more ball of yarn to finish my project. I hate it when that happens because I never actually need the whole ball and then I’m left with a bunch afterwards that I don’t know what to do with. I’m working on the last piece right now.

I’m also supposed to fold three loads of laundry today… I hate folding laundry. So we’ll see if that task actually gets accomplished.

I think I’m still going to ask about getting the PICC line removed tomorrow. The hydration bags aren’t really necessary because I’m getting plenty of fluids and I can take the Zofran orally if I need to.

I am so sick of having this thing in my arm. Even with the hypoallergenic sheild I am still itching like crazy and it’s all red all around the outside of the sheild from breaking out and me scratching. Oh and to take a normal shower again would just about be heavenly.

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15 weeks 3 days

Of course I spoke a little too soon.

After a few pretty good days medicine and IV free, this morning didn’t go so well.

It’s not that bad though. I just took my medicine and hooked the IV up. I’m starting to feel a little better now. I might even be able to eat some breakfast in a little bit.

This of course has to happen the day before the doctor’s appointment. I guess it isn’t so bad, but I was hoping that I could ask to have the PICC removed tomorrow. A little longer won’t kill me I suppose.

OK the funny thing is that even after throwing up this morning, just one look at the picture below and I could totally go for another cheeseburger! See… it’s not THAT bad. Obviously.

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15 weeks 2 days

On and off through all four years of high school I was a vegetarian. I took a brief break for couple years and then I read Fast Food Nation and once again found myself meat free for about 2 years.

In all the years of being a vegetarian it was never because I abhored the taste of meat. Well I take that back… initially it was because I got tired of eating beef or pork every night whenever we slaughtered one of our ranch animals. But there was also the part of actually seeing those animals killed that really bothered me. There’s nothing like seeing blood pour from the slit neck of a defenseless being to turn you off to the practice of meat eating.

I eventually got over that, especially once I learned to cook my own meals and experiment with recipes. Then, after reading Fast Food Nation I once again could not bring myself to eat meat because I was afraid of what might be in it based on the accounts of our nation’s slaughterhouses that are found in the book.

After a couple weeks of being vegetarian though I’d always go back to craving meat. It was when these cravings became unbearable that I usually gave in and either cheated a little or gave up the practice altogether.

To completely detest the idea of meat, the taste of it, etc. was really weird these last couple months. I mean, I’ve always liked rice and beans, but not that much.

So today when I had a craving for one of these:

I knew that everything was definitely going back to normal. I even drove halfway across town just to sink my teeth into one today.

Craving In-N-Out cheeseburgers was something I expected from my pregnancy, losing 14lbs and the rest of it was not.

It’s good to be normal again.

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15 weeks

Meat (well except seafood) still sounds revolting to me. I could live on shrimp, beans, cheese and rice and be totally satisfied right now. And please just keep the chicken away!

I managed to eliminate all my Zofran doses except one yesterday. I started feeling a little crappy before we headed to our church’s Good Friday service. So I decided it would be better to be safe than sorry since we wouldn’t be at home.

Speaking of Good Friday… another aversion was discovered. The grape juice at communion which tasted normal to everyone else tasted absolutely revolting to me. I nearly lost my dinner and the communion. I also discovered that the bathrooms at church are way too far away from the sanctuary. I managed to talk myself out of throwing up though and calm down.

Today we did some major spring cleaning and I even helped. We moved a bunch of our furniture around, dusted everything and got the kitchen clean. I felt a little overwhelmed part of the time because it just seemed like so much to do and I have so little stamina. We didn’t get everything done including our bathrooms which have gotten pretty gross in the last couple weeks. We also wanted to do some planting in the front which didn’t get done.

I’ve also managed to be Zofran free so far today. I ran my hydration last night while I slept, but other than that and my thyroid medicine this morning I’ve been pretty normal. I kinda feel a little crappy right now, but I’m just trying to get through it without the drugs.

Also, on Thursday I started my first baby project. I hope to reveal it in a few days. 🙂

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14 weeks 6 days

Call me crazy, but I think I’m going to try and wean myself off the Zofran and the hydration over the next few days.

I’ve already been successful at going through most of the day without the hydration and just plugging it in at night.

I still feel a little nauseaus here and there, but it isn’t anything I can’t handle. I missed my late night dose of Zofran last night and I feel about the same as I would had I taken it. So that tells me that it really isn’t doing much for me.

I think the thyroid meds are really working now and hopefully that’s all I’ll need the rest of the pregnancy.

My doctor hasn’t actually suggested this yet, but my next appointment isn’t for another week. If I can make it till then I can tell him that I’ve been doing good without all the stuff and maybe I can get this PICC out of my arm and be somewhat normal again.

And if it doesn’t work over the next few days I still have plenty of Zofran and hydration as reserves so I can always go back to it.

Oh and I’m pretty sure I felt the first “flutters” last night. It was pretty cool. The first time was while we were watching TV and our dog, Charlotte, was kind of laying half her little body across my belly. I wasn’t sure if that was what it really was though so I just kind of thought, “Oh, that’s kind of new and interesting.” Then last night right before I fell asleep I felt it again and I was sure this time that was what I was feeling. It hasn’t happened since though.

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14 weeks 4 days

Just so you know yesterday was an infinitely better day as was today.

I’m not all moody either like I was when I wrote my last post.

We’re even going to attempt church tonight.

Since being on the thyroid medicine I’ve only had one really bad day. Furthermore all of my moments of not feeling so good are explainable and have somewhat of a pattern too.

Despite Sunday’s morning incident the day was great and I think I got sick from having an empty stomach more than anything. I think Monday’s episode was also explainable because I overdid myself. I think one outing a day is the most I should attempt at this point.

I’ve been feeling so good that my nurse said if I do some more dry runs off the hydration during the day that I might be able to go off the hydration completely and may be able to get my PICC line pulled out as early as next week. This would be wonderful.

I suppose I won’t be blogging as much if I don’t have much to report, but my blogs should from here on out get progressively more positive and more fun. There are lots of things to do to welcome in this little one including knitting some cute things, sewing some cute things, picking out furniture, painting the nursery and a whole host of other events that will make for great blog fodder.

So stay tuned!

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4 weeks 3 days

I haven’t thrown up on myself since I was a little kid. So yesterday was probably the grossest thing I’ve had to deal with this entire pregnancy. I guess it’s preparing me for motherhood. I’m sure I’ll have to clean up my share of barf in that role.

This is a little bit of a tangent, but it kind of leads into yesterday. At church on Sunday everyone was excited to see me and full of tips and tricks to deal with my problem. I swear if one more person tells me that I just need to be eating saltines all the time I am going to scream.

I was nauseaus and barfy all day yesterday and there was nothing I could do to make it better. My medicine didn’t really help, eating didn’t help, nothing was helping. I just had to endure it.

I don’t mind a little unsolicited advice here and there, but this isn’t typical morning sickness, it’s HG. Crackers and ginger ale just aren’t going to cut it.

Today seems to be better. The nauseaus feeling finally went away at about 4 am and I didn’t feel like someone just dropped a ton of bricks on me this morning when I got up. I had no issues taking my medicine and I even helped Stephen a little with my IV and getting the dogs taken care of so he could get to work on time. I might even try to make it to the vet today with Baxter so he can get his ears looked at. Poor guy has been shaking his head and scratching them like crazy.

Right now though I need to go to the grocery store because we need milk and I need breakfast.

1 bad day out of 7 isn’t so bad. I guess I can make it through this.

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