12 weeks 1 day

I knew it was too good to be true to wake up at 12 weeks and just feel miraculously better.

I threw up my dinner last night and I’ve felt crappy ever since.

Stephen’s leaving in a couple hours. My mom is here.

I figured out how to take a bath all by myself without getting my arm wet. So I can be at least a little independent this week.

Update 4:42 PM
Well I took a Phenergan and at first it really didn’t do anything except make me really sleepy. So after a nap I still felt pretty crappy.

I still hadn’t eaten anything except a few sips of a smoothie. So finally I decided to try a little green salad. That has stayed down so far and I’m working on a half of a chicken panini.

So maybe I won’t be miraculously better, but I might just be starting to slowly feel better. I really hope that is the case.

Stephen is on his way to Santa Clara and I’m already missing him.

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