12 weeks 2 days

So today has been a relatively good day. I haven’t really been nauseaus. I’ve managed to eat breakfast, lunch and a snack so far.

I had to go get some blood work done and a TB test. The TB test is ridiculous. When they did the x-rays of my chest to place the PICC line, they noticed that there was a nodule in one of my lungs. I’ve had that nodule since 2001 when I had Valley Fever. So now my doctor is testing for Valley Fever and TB even though I have no symptoms or anything like that. Ugh! I hate having blood taken for a stupid reason. I’ve been poked enough!

I also got all my allergy blood work done at the same time so I can find out once and for all what nuts I am allergic to.

The blood work was also to monitor my TSH levels again because my doctor tested and it showed that my thyroid was overactive (hyperthyroidism). This is ironic because Stephen has hypothyroidism which means his is underactive. The doctor thought that this might have been caused by the pregnancy, kind of like how some people get diabetes during pregnancy.

I was reading more about HG on the HG site and there was a study done which showed that women in 73% of HG pregnancies had hyperthyroidism.

My doctor still doesn’t want to treat the thyroid though because the drugs used to treat it can harm the baby. I started looking up what those are and one is radioactive iodine. Yikes!

So I wonder if this is more of a chicken or an egg kind of thing. What came first? The hyperemesis or the hyperthyroidism and does one cause the other?


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