12 weeks 4 days

This is how much weight I’ve lost: jeans that I usually dread wearing because they are too tight are falling off me.

Today I got my TB test read and it was negative. I guess we are better off safe than sorry, but jeeze when they injected me with that stuff it really hurt! Haven’t I had enough torture?

After that we went to Target and walked around a bit. I just wanted to see what was in the store. I didn’t buy anything. I was good.

Then we went to Baja Fresh for lunch.

Even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest it was nice just to not be cooped up in the house. It was also a little disorienting. When we were at the counter ordering food I had a hard time focusing on what the guy was saying and even comprehending it. It was really weird. I felt really confused.

I had part of a tostada with no meat. I’m staying away from chicken for now and I don’t think my stomach can handle red meat just yet. I even cleaned out the fridge a little when we got back.

Tomorrow I’ve got the ultrasound to screen for Down’s syndrome. I’m a little worried about this one.

My mom found this article about hyperthyroidism. I may be reading it wrong, but it seems like the baby is at an increased risk for Down’s syndrome because of the hyperthyroidism. It is probably also what is causing my HG symptoms.

Knowing my family history and my own health history I may have had this condition all along and it was just made worse because of the pregancy. While no one in my family has ever been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a lot of the women in my family seem to fit the bill of symptoms.


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