13 weeks

Stephen is home and he brought a sinus infection with him. So really it’s almost like he’s not home because he’s staying in the bedroom and I’m staying in the livingroom. The last thing I need is to get sick.

My mom has until the 10th off thanks to the long note getting process, so she’s probably going to stay with us through the end so that she can handle all my medical stuff while Stephen is sick.

I’m not doing that great. I threw up yesterday and wasn’t able to eat much in the way of food. I’m still feeling pretty nauseaus today and the medicines haven’t really helped as far as I can tell. I’d probably be feeling a whole lot worse without them, but I still feel pretty bad with them. I can get my next dose in about an hour.

I feel like some crazed drug addict that can’t go 20 minutes without the next fix. OK, not really… but I usually hate medicine and being so dependent on it so I don’t throw up is really hard for me.


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