13 weeks 1 day

Today has been a great day.

My home health nurse said that if I was feeling up to it I could stop my hydration during the day and just be sure and use the Heprine flushes after my Zofran doses. So that’s what I’ve done. I just didn’t feel like being tied up to the IV all day today.

I even went to the grocery store by myself and cooked us up a meal tonight. It was delicious!

In some ways I’m thinking, “What if I did too much? What if I pay for this big time tomorrow?” At the same time though, I just want to take advantage of what good days I have. When I have a good day I want to experience it to the fullest and not be all cooped up. I want to be as normal as possible.

So even if that means that tomorrow I “pay for it” I think it was worth it in some small way.

And hopefully tomorrow I won’t pay for it. Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day and so will the next day after that. Hopefully this will all be over soon and I can just get back to how life ought to be.

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