13 weeks 4 days

I don’t want to call it just yet, but maybe I was just hungry.

I threw up twice yesterday and felt so nauseaus the whole day that nothing sounded good. So I didn’t eat or drink anything. Which got me into the vicious cycle.

At about 5:30 I finally decided to try eating some fruit. That stayed down so a little later I had a some more fruit. That stayed down too.

I still felt so nauseaus though. It lasted the whole night. It made it difficult to sleep.

First thing this morning Stephen gave me my dose of Zofran and I had a little fruit to start with. Then I had some juice.

The thing is that this whole time of feeling nauseaus I also felt like I was starving. It’s just so hard to tell what it is that makes me feel this way. I don’t want to eat something and then puke it up 10 or 15 minutes later. But sometimes I need to eat to make the feeling go away. It’s so confusing.

So Stephen brought home a quesadilla for me to eat at lunch. I was a little hesitant to eat it, but now I’m feeling a lot better. I still feel a little nauseaus, but it is certainly better than it was yesterday.

I just wish this wasn’t such a rollercoaster.


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