14 weeks 4 days

Just so you know yesterday was an infinitely better day as was today.

I’m not all moody either like I was when I wrote my last post.

We’re even going to attempt church tonight.

Since being on the thyroid medicine I’ve only had one really bad day. Furthermore all of my moments of not feeling so good are explainable and have somewhat of a pattern too.

Despite Sunday’s morning incident the day was great and I think I got sick from having an empty stomach more than anything. I think Monday’s episode was also explainable because I overdid myself. I think one outing a day is the most I should attempt at this point.

I’ve been feeling so good that my nurse said if I do some more dry runs off the hydration during the day that I might be able to go off the hydration completely and may be able to get my PICC line pulled out as early as next week. This would be wonderful.

I suppose I won’t be blogging as much if I don’t have much to report, but my blogs should from here on out get progressively more positive and more fun. There are lots of things to do to welcome in this little one including knitting some cute things, sewing some cute things, picking out furniture, painting the nursery and a whole host of other events that will make for great blog fodder.

So stay tuned!


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