14 weeks 6 days

Call me crazy, but I think I’m going to try and wean myself off the Zofran and the hydration over the next few days.

I’ve already been successful at going through most of the day without the hydration and just plugging it in at night.

I still feel a little nauseaus here and there, but it isn’t anything I can’t handle. I missed my late night dose of Zofran last night and I feel about the same as I would had I taken it. So that tells me that it really isn’t doing much for me.

I think the thyroid meds are really working now and hopefully that’s all I’ll need the rest of the pregnancy.

My doctor hasn’t actually suggested this yet, but my next appointment isn’t for another week. If I can make it till then I can tell him that I’ve been doing good without all the stuff and maybe I can get this PICC out of my arm and be somewhat normal again.

And if it doesn’t work over the next few days I still have plenty of Zofran and hydration as reserves so I can always go back to it.

Oh and I’m pretty sure I felt the first “flutters” last night. It was pretty cool. The first time was while we were watching TV and our dog, Charlotte, was kind of laying half her little body across my belly. I wasn’t sure if that was what it really was though so I just kind of thought, “Oh, that’s kind of new and interesting.” Then last night right before I fell asleep I felt it again and I was sure this time that was what I was feeling. It hasn’t happened since though.


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