15 weeks

Meat (well except seafood) still sounds revolting to me. I could live on shrimp, beans, cheese and rice and be totally satisfied right now. And please just keep the chicken away!

I managed to eliminate all my Zofran doses except one yesterday. I started feeling a little crappy before we headed to our church’s Good Friday service. So I decided it would be better to be safe than sorry since we wouldn’t be at home.

Speaking of Good Friday… another aversion was discovered. The grape juice at communion which tasted normal to everyone else tasted absolutely revolting to me. I nearly lost my dinner and the communion. I also discovered that the bathrooms at church are way too far away from the sanctuary. I managed to talk myself out of throwing up though and calm down.

Today we did some major spring cleaning and I even helped. We moved a bunch of our furniture around, dusted everything and got the kitchen clean. I felt a little overwhelmed part of the time because it just seemed like so much to do and I have so little stamina. We didn’t get everything done including our bathrooms which have gotten pretty gross in the last couple weeks. We also wanted to do some planting in the front which didn’t get done.

I’ve also managed to be Zofran free so far today. I ran my hydration last night while I slept, but other than that and my thyroid medicine this morning I’ve been pretty normal. I kinda feel a little crappy right now, but I’m just trying to get through it without the drugs.

Also, on Thursday I started my first baby project. I hope to reveal it in a few days. 🙂


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