Cheeseburger in paradise…

I had another one today despite my feeling under the weather this morning. I just couldn’t resist it. So far so good. I’m keeping it down.

I also went to the yarn store because I of course just needed one more ball of yarn to finish my project. I hate it when that happens because I never actually need the whole ball and then I’m left with a bunch afterwards that I don’t know what to do with. I’m working on the last piece right now.

I’m also supposed to fold three loads of laundry today… I hate folding laundry. So we’ll see if that task actually gets accomplished.

I think I’m still going to ask about getting the PICC line removed tomorrow. The hydration bags aren’t really necessary because I’m getting plenty of fluids and I can take the Zofran orally if I need to.

I am so sick of having this thing in my arm. Even with the hypoallergenic sheild I am still itching like crazy and it’s all red all around the outside of the sheild from breaking out and me scratching. Oh and to take a normal shower again would just about be heavenly.


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