16 weeks 3 days

So the day I felt the first flutters that was pretty much it for awhile. And then on Saturday it started up again, but this was more regular. Usually right after I eat or when I’m going to bed.

This is some serious movement too. Like that baby is doing some sommersaults in there or something. Before it was like just one little touch and then it was done. Now it goes on for several minutes at a time.

I had a good day yesterday with no nausea. I was able to get a bunch done and it felt so good. Today I was feeling a little crappy this morning, but I took my medicine and I feel fine.

I called our new insurance company to find out what they cover and they too only allow for 9 doses every month. It can be appealed though with a doctor’s note so I’m working on getting that from my OB.


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