19 weeks… well almost!

Tomorrow we will be at my aunt’s beautiful house in San Juan Capistrano hanging out with her and my little sister Cherie. Then we’re going to hit up Disneyland and use our season passes on Sunday. We head out tonight after Stephen gets home from work and my mom gets here to house and doggie sit. Baxter, our floppy eared Beagle, has an ear infection (has had for like a month!) and my mom was the best choice for his care while we are gone (Thanks Mom!).

That means that I probably won’t be able to put up a 19 week bump picture tomorrow so I took it today. The only problem is that I decided that today is a jammie day while I do all the laundry (I’m out of clean maternity jeans) and get the house in order before the trip. Oh well. You’ve all seen jammies.

This week has been a little hectic as both our showers started leaking. First we thought it was just our master and so we started using the guest shower until the builder could come out and fix it. Well then on Wednesday morning when we went out to the garage I noticed a huge puddle of water coming from the wall that is shared with our guest bath. Ugh! Another leaky shower!

So I went to my OB appointment, came back home and a rep from our builder was at my front door waiting for me. They checked everything out and sure enough our guest shower has been leaking into the garage and guest room closet for probably awhile (like at Christmas when our family was here using it). A bunch of construction people and a plumber came later that day and cut a bunch of holes into my walls and everything has been a mess ever since. There is a drywall guy here right now patching up the huge holes. Someone will be here Monday to paint and replace the carpet pad.

Then along with that I’ve been really making an effort to get back into some sort of routine with cleaning up and making dinners. I even managed to make dinner last night after a pretty crappy day (barfed in the morning, slight nausea all day).

Today I’ve been feeling a little crappy too, but even though this is the case I’m trying not to take the Zofran. I take one Phenergan at night and my thyroid medicine in the morning. I want to avoid taking the Zofran if I can because whatever it does to stop your system from throwing up also makes digestion slower and just stops everything up in general. I don’t know if I really need it anymore because the nausea is something I’ve been dealing with for so long now that it really isn’t that big of a deal. If I have to barf I just do it, get it over with and move on. It’s not keeping me from getting fluids and food in so I’d just rather not take the medicine.

The baby is moving so much now. Yesterday I even could see it from the outside. I think the baby is on to me now though. It will be moving a whole bunch and then if I put my hand there or lift up my clothes to expose my belly and see it everything stops. That’s been the problem with Stephen trying to feel it too. I will get a good hard kick and feel some other movements then Stephen puts his hand where I tell him and then… nothing. So apparently the baby is shy. I hope this shyness doesn’t take over at our big ultrasound. I want to know what I’m having so bad. I’ve read a ton of stories of babies that are just so uncooperative and keep hiding when inquiring minds want to know!


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