What a weekend!

A lot happend and I think I have a lot to say so this post is probably going to be long. Just a warning.

So on Friday at about four in the afternoon I get a call from Stephen that went something like this…

Stephen: Hey.
Me: Hey.
Stephen: So I have something to tell you that may change our plans for this weekend. I’m sorry.
Me: Okaaay.
Stephen: I was doing this exercise this morning and I did it wrong and completely threw out my right shoulder. I went to the chiropractor first thing this morning and he said it is going to take at least a week to heal. I have no range of motion in my neck and I’m really, really sore. If we go I shouldn’t drive. Yeah I can’t drive.
Me: Well I guess I can drive.
Stephen: Are you sure? You really hate driving.
Me: I know, but I’ll do it. We should still go.

The next hour or so I was still scrambling to get laundry done (I should have just found all my pants and washed them together) and everything packed. Despite making a list and having all day to think about what we needed to take I still managed to forget Stephen’s inhaler and PJs for him to wear to bed.

Prior to leaving though I did get a pleasant little surprise in the mail…

A lovely little card from Cara and a subscription to Mothering. She personally sent me the first issue in which the cover article is all about cloth diapering. Thanks Cara! That really made my day!

Stephen is right. I really do hate to drive. I think I started to get a little stressed out at the thought of actually driving as I was trying to pack which is why I forgot those essential items. Stephen is our main driver on all our trips. I occasionally take the wheel if he’s feeling a little sleepy. This actually only happened one time when we were driving twelve hours to Utah. I don’t mind being a passenger in the car at all. I love going on trips, but driving really stresses me out. I even avoid most driving here in my own city. I think I’ve driven on the infamous LA freeway system maybe five times at the most. I get kind of freaked out when there are a whole bunch of cars clumped around me, especially big trucks. I also really hate the part of the I-5 which narrows down to two lanes right before you get to Orange County and everyone is cutting you off and merging and stuff. My hands sweat like crazy too. Add to that the fact that I’m pregnant and the baby decided that this would be a good time to move around a whole bunch which was totally distracting. I did get a small break when we stopped at In-N-Out in Castaic for some dinner. And I did make it there just fine, it just isn’t my favorite thing to do.

The next day we got up and went to brunch with my aunt and sister Cherie at Dana Point Harbor. My aunt had breakfast while the rest of us had lunch. My tuna melt was delicious, but I had a hard time eating it because I had just made myself an egg sandwich about 2 hours before.

Then we went to the mall where my aunt proceeded to spoil both me and our unborn child. Something she has done for as long as I can remember. She gets serious joy out of doing it I think.

There was Janie and Jack (love that store, so cute!) where we got some very cute nursery rhyme onsies:

We also stopped in at Baby Style which was closing. All maternity wear was 50% off and the baby stuff was at a huge discount too. The maternity wear will be seen in future belly shots, but here’s a look at our baby stuff:

So cute!

I also got some more maternity stuff from GAP maternity. I was really excited about that because we had gone into regular GAP to get Stephen a new shirt (since he had to sleep in one of the t-shirts I brought for wearing) and they had so many cute things that I wanted but knew I couldn’t possibly fit into. So when I found out that this mall had a GAP maternity we went and checked it out and to my delight I found maternity versions of the tops and stuff that I loved in the regular store.

Through a Target gift card earlier this month and this trip, my aunt has essentially purchased about 75% of my maternity wardrobe. I think I have just about every item of clothing I need to make it through this pregnancy.

She also got us this thing for our iPod that actually works to transmit it to the radio. We’ve gone through two of these devices already. It completely blocks out whatever signal there is. I can’t believe it is so clear and that it actually works. It also gives the iPod a nice little stand and is adjustable to both sizes. Driving up and down California and be able to listen to my iPod on the same station without static coming through is sooo nice. I just might be willing to finally give up XM radio.

I didn’t feel naseaus the whole day either which was a relief because Thursday and Friday were not like that.

We went to dinner that night with just my aunt and then went to see Expelled with her. It was an interesting movie and I would recommend it if you are in the mood for that kind of documentary argumentative type movie. My sister went out with some of her friends and stayed with one of them so we didn’t even get to really say goodbye.

The next morning we went to Disneyland as expected. Stephen got some of his range of motion back and was feeling much better so he drove (yes!). I think the thing that saved me while we were there is that the night before we went to the grocery store and got all kinds of snacks. So my purse was stuffed to the brim with Chex Mix Dark Chocolate (mmm… so dangerously good), Sour Patch Kids (my favorite candy right now), and a veggie ranch dip snack pack. Unfortunately, the Doritos didn’t fit so we had to leave them in the car. It was really great having all those snacks though because when we were waiting in line or I felt a little hungry, but not enough to eat a huge meal I could just reach into my purse and eat something before that tiny hunger turned into full blown nausea.

So it was yet another day of not feeling nauseaus. We stayed at the park until about seven that night and went on pretty much everything that I was allowed to go on. I even went on Splash Mountain which the sign doesn’t recommend for pregnant women. Stephen and I really couldn’t figure that one out prior to going on the ride because we couldn’t remember it really jerking or anything. Well, once I was actually on the ride I got a pretty good idea. I think that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for someone in their third trimester to go on that ride. The log does get bumped quite a bit (much more than pirates which we also went on) as it travels through the log jam. I also felt a huge amount of pressure on my bladder during each drop, especially the big one. So I probably won’t be going on that ride the next time we go to Disneyland while I’m pregnant.

Stephen also drove on the way home which was good because I was pretty exhausted. Our doggies were very happy to see us and I was happy to go to bed.

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