20 week bump

So my sister couldn’t get me her wireless network password until just now. That meant I had no Internet access for over 24 hours. I was feeling a little bit of withdrawl.

20 week bump is at the “vista point” turnoff for looking at Mt. Shasta. We discovered that the best view is much further along from more of the northern end of the mountain where it suddenly gets flat. But having never been there we didn’t know so we thought this was our only chance to get a good view and picture time.

So, I want to discuss the topic of pregnant women and their bellies. Now that I actually look pregnant (not just chubby) I have already begun to experience the phenomenon where if you are pregnant people think it is just alright to come touch your belly. I am not OK with this. It is not normal or OK to just walk up to someone and touch their stomach normally, but somehow people think it is OK when you are pregnant. Well let me tell you, it is not OK. Do not just come touch my belly. You should at least ask first.

Stephen is working on strategies for me to teach people that this is OK. His first strategy is for me to slap their hand. The second he suggested is for me do something equally awkward back to them like grab their earlob. Usually I kind of just dodge it or turn away. It’s just so awkward and I am not a touchy feely person usually anyway.


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