It’s a….


Here are the ultrasound pics from today:

Profile and body shot.

So that is her butt and two thighs and there’s nothing in between. It’s a girl. I don’t know… I feel kind of weird about this one being on the Internet… like wow all of you can see my first born’s genitals… hmmm…

That’s a profile shot of her head. If you are used to looking at ultrasound pictures (I’ve seen a lot in the past few months from some of the message boards I’m on), you can pick out the nose, mouth and chin. You can also see a hint of the fingers on the hand right by the mouth. Just like in our last ultrasound she likes to have her chin tucked. It was kind of a problem when they were trying to get the neck measurements for the Down Syndrome screening last time and so I thought it was interesting that she’s all tucked again this time. I wonder if she’ll sleep like that or something.


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