A girl? What am I going to do with a girl?

If you have ever met my mom, you know that she is not particularly girly. My mom prides herself on being a tomboy, growing up in Big Bear running around the mountains catching lizards and going on adventures. I’ve always loved this about her. It’s that adventurous spirit that she raised us with that lights within me a desire for travel and pushing my boundaries.

She seems to be very comfortable in her skin, but sometimes I think she didn’t quite know what to do with four girls. Now that I know I’m having a girl I’m not sure I’m going to know quite what to do with one either.

I’m just not exactly the girliest of girls which is funny if you’ve also met my dressed to the nines, perfectly put together sisters. I suppose I am a bit like a typical girl… I do like to shop. I like cute things like fancy shoes and fun eyeshadows (that I never wear), accessories and jewelry (that I also never actually wear), cute girly clothing, a bazillion different purses, etc. I am capable of actually putting myself together and looking pretty good with hair all done, makeup, the right accessories, etc. But I more or less only do this for special moments. Most days I blow dry my hair for a total of about 2 minutes (if that), throw on some clothes (hoping they match) and head out the door with no makeup on or accessories.

But I guess I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable in my skin. There’s part of me that is a total introvert and is happy to curl up into a quiet corner to knit or read, there’s the part of me that likes to seek adventure and doesn’t really care about looking perfect, there’s a part of me that is obessed with learning and researching stuff so that I can come up with an opinion that is backed by all kinds of facts and there’s the part of me that wants to spend two hours getting ready to perfection for that special event. It’s like I’m constantly at war with myself.

So what in the heck am I going to do with a little girl? Well, my sisters and I figured it out (kinda), I guess she will too.


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