25 weeks

I’m getting a little sick of the same kind of belly shots. I need some creative inspiration. If you run across any or think of some ideas let me know.

These next couple of shots are not a matter of creativity, but rather something kind of freaky I discovered when I was drying off after a shower the other day.

This is what it normally looks like from my perspective as I look down at my belly:

And if I arch backwards a bit I can see exactly where she is at:

Today’s activities include a Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Birthday for a two-year-old that I have never met before. She is in love with white bunnies. My friend Megan really wanted her to have a bunny party so we came up a theme for her mom. I even knit her a white bunny a few months back.

My friend Megan is one of the most glamorous people I know. So in honor of her and Mrs. Morgan Priss I decided to pull out these from the back of my closet:

Hopefully I don’t get shin splints!


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