So today I had to do my third tri labs. Just when my arms started looking normal again and not like those of a heroine addict too!

I had to do the lovely gestational diabetes test. I was really worried going in about the glucola drink. There was post after post on the HER message boards about how awful it was, how to avoid puking it up, etc. Turns out that to me it just tasted like flat orange soda. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with orange soda lately, so not too bad at all. I was able to keep the stuff down the whole hour.

Actually, for me the hard part was the fasting. I had a slow start this morning. I should have left for that test first thing when I got up so I wouldn’t have to go so long without food. That was my biggest mistake. Well, that and realizing once I was already halfway there that I forgot the lab slip at home and having to turn right back around. I was starving when everything was over with and feeling pukey because I was starving.

I also had to do a urinalysis. Ugh! Girls sure did get the raw end of the deal in this department. Guys have this kind of labwork so much easier! I wound up peeing all over my hand because thanks to the belly I couldn’t really tell what was going on down there. Just lovely. I was super grossed out and my OCD tendencies kicked in causing me to wash my hands five times with the hospital-grade super anitbacterial soap before I felt like I could safely exit the bathroom and re-enter the germy world.

They only took three tubes of blood this time though so that was nice. I think at one of the lab sessions I had to give like 7 or 8. I definitely felt woozy after that.

I packed myself a snack so that I could eat right after. One of my blueberry muffins and a nectarine. Seems I didn’t learn my lesson the first time about eating stone fruit in the car. So once again I had juice drippings all down my belly as I ate and drove to Costco to fill up the gas tank in my car. It’s pretty sad when you’re excited about only paying $4.35 a gallon.


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