Three more months!

I don’t officially hit the 28 week/third trimester mark until a week from tomorrow, but three more 13th’s of the month from now is our estimated due date. Most women don’t actually give birth on their due date though. I know it’s a little crazy to want to be overdue, but we’re kind of hoping for the 14th because of a somewhat silly friend/family number thing.

So last night I’m getting ready to take a shower… I look in the mirror and realize that for once my boobs are not the most prominent feature of my body. It was kind of nice/weird. I’ve always felt like they were too big (my sisters would probably kill me for saying that), but compared to my belly they’re actually starting to look sort of small.

Apparently right now my blood is reaching double volume, the baby’s brain is going through a big growth spurt and the baby has gained a pound over the last couple of weeks. Which I guess explains why I’ve been feeling so crappy (threw up twice this week… yuck). My OB says we might just have to up my PTU dosage during the third trimester as there’s more of me to go around… he didn’t exactly say it like that. But it’s kind of like how sometimes men have to take an extra asprin because they’re bigger. I’m certainly a lot bigger than I was at 14 weeks so the medicine might not be as effective. They did my TSH levels again at my 3rd tri labs so we’ll see. Hopefully it stays in that detectable range and I don’t have to up the drugs.


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