27 weeks, the outtakes

I tried to come up with lots of ideas for photos this week. After 10 shots not a single one turned out that great. So you get to see all the outtakes. These belly shots are hard work!

First, I thought I’d do a bathroom belly shot, not because it is creative, but because that’s where I notice my belly the most.

I guess it’s OK except I didn’t clean the mirror so there are spots on it. And I cut off part of my head.

So then I had the not-so-brilliant idea of getting a shot with my dogs. Taking photos with animals is just a frustrating experience. I don’t recommend it unless you enlist the help of a couple friends to make sure they are looking in the right direction and to actually be the button pusher on the camera (versus timer and then run to get in place). Yeah… I’m here by myself today. No dog wranglers or photo taking friends. So this is what resulted…

Oh well. There’s always next week.


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