I’ll just have all of you know that I am sick of being pregnant. Literally sick of being pregnant.

The header of this blog should be changed to a picture of me covered in puke or something. Because the reality of it is not a cute little bird with a cute nest.

I have never been a big puker. I always just was able to hold it in. Now I can’t even control that.

The really lovely thing about yesterday was that I got to watch myself puke in the side mirror of the car.

I’m tired of bladder incontinence (and yes I do my Kegels, it’s not helping). Using suppositories (stuff just shouldn’t go in there!). My stomach alternating between churning nausea, pangs of starvation and burning heartburn. Of being tired all the time.

Why did I even want this? Can’t I just go to sleep and wake up and have a baby in my arms three months from now?

When do things get better?

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