Probably TMI, but I’ve talked about everything else…

As you know, if you’ve been following along, my third trimester labs showed that I am slightly anemic.

My OB wanted me to take Slow-Fe iron pills. I researched them before buying and found that the side effects were constipation and nausea, two things that I don’t need more of this pregnancy. Also the absorption from pills isn’t that high.

I found an alternative iron supplement called Floradix Iron and Herbs. This product had a really high absorption rate and didn’t have the side effects of nausea and constipation. I decided to go with that instead of the pills.

Well, on the days that I’ve remembered to take this stuff I’ve had the opposite bowel problem from the pills and it was green which really freaked me out. I looked online and apparently the coloring is a common side effect of taking an iron supplement. Also, the orange juice I would take it with gave me the worst heartburn ever.

I really can’t deal with having to be 10 feet from a bathroom all day anymore. That has happened far too much this pregnancy. Plus I’m already having enough trouble trying to keep my fluid intake up.

So it looks like Floradix plus OJ is out.

When I originally told my midwife about the problem she said that it is really common to become slightly anemic for a few weeks at this point when the blood is doubling in volume and that the body tends to regulate/balance itself out all on its own.

I’m hoping to find some other alternative to solving this little problem that doesn’t involve messing with my digestive system anymore because that system is having a hard enough time already. Wish me luck.


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