It really is a business

I was annoyed by it at the car wash. Frustrated with it at Albertson’s.

But this is over the line.

As if the posters, stirrup covers and diaramas of the female anatomy sponsored by or advertising various forms of birth control, osteoperosis medications, STD prevention vaccines, PAP tests and fetal doppler monitor rentals at my OB’s office were not enough… now they’ve installed these HD flat panel TV screens in each “pod” with a constant stream of advertising and sporadic short “news” (I use that term very, very loosely as I have HIGH standards for what should be considered news) stories from CNN and Discovery Health. At least with the posters and other forms of advertising I could just choose not to look at it by reading a book or knitting while waiting.

Well anyway, other than that nothing really exciting to report about the visit. My labs were all normal except the anemia thing and my OB wants me to find a pediatrician before the next visit.

After this appointment I started to feel more like I want to switch to my midwife’s backup OB. Even after our last appointment it seems pretty clear that my current OB assumes I took his “warning” and I’m going to go through with a hospital birth. I don’t want to deal with the confrontation and I don’t want to lie either. Plus, he seemed annoyed that I was asking about the actual levels from my last lab results.


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