Some days pregnancy feels like an eating disorder

So yesterday could not have been a more perfect day. I had absolutely no nausea whatsoever the whole day. I did get a little reflux when we got home, but it was totally manageable and I went to bed an hour later anyway.

On days like this I feel like I go a little crazy in the food department. For breakfast I had an egg, a sausage link (not the little tiny breakfast kind, but the big kind you usually eat with pasta or something, five pancakes and two or three glasses of milk. Then a few hours later I had a nectarine. Then I had a leftover sausage link hot-dog style in a bun with mustard and some sweet potato chips. For dinner I had four slices of cheese pizza, a big plate of salad, a juice box and two cupcakes.

Well then today I wake up with heartburn before I’ve even consumed anything. I barely managed a bowl of cereal at 10:30 this morning. Then while I was out running errands I decided to go to Rubios for “lunch” (at 2 pm) and after one steak taco I’d had enough. I don’t even want to think about dinner at this point.

I wonder if after I’m done being pregnant and don’t feel nauseaus all the time if I’ll wind up eating myself into oblivion because I’ve missed being able to enjoy food so much.

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