33 weeks tomorrow…

Saturdays have not been good days for me lately, appearance wise. Either we’re doing work around the house and I’m in yucky clothes. Or I’m feeling sick and I’m in yucky clothes. So I decided to do my belly shot one day early this week.

I have a prenatal massage session in an hour and I’m really excited about it.

Karen is really sweet. She goes to our church. Every week she tells me that my bump is “so cute” and asks how I’m doing or feeling. I knew she was a massage therapist, but since I’ve been getting massages at my chiropractor that our insurance covers I just never asked her about getting a massage. Well last week she’s like, “Are you getting massages?” And I was like, “Well sorta. I get them at my chiropractor, but they’re being all funny about it because I’m in my third trimester now. They won’t massage my lower back or adjust it either so I haven’t been going for about a month.” So then she said, “Why? That’s just weird.” I told her they were afraid it would set off labor. So then she says, “I want to give you a massage. I’m certified in prenatal massage and you need your lower back massaged the most during this period.” So I was all about it and we set up an appointment right there.

So that pretty much will probably be the most exciting thing about today.

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