Dietary restrictions…

So even though I got the sour milk situation rectified, it seems my body is still having problems digesting dairy products at this point. Actually, it would be better to say that my stomach is having problems digesting food in general.

Upon my midwife’s recommendation I began taking papaya enzyme chewable tablets to aid in digestion. They have helped to a certain extent, I’ve noticed that my heartburn isn’t as bad since I started taking them.

But it seems I’m still having some digestion issues even with that little boost.

Yesterday I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast at 8 am. At 1 pm it was still churning in my stomach and occasionally partially digested bits were shooting up my esophagus. It wasn’t acidic, so I have a hard time calling it acid reflux. It was like that concept except I would call it “food reflux”.

Well at 2 pm I finally decided I could stomach some lunch and treated myself to Rosemary’s. That meal also took forever to digest. At 7 pm yesterday I was still having “food reflux” with the ice cream I’d had with lunch.

We had Chinese at our favorite hole-in-the-wall place with my friend Megan. Our order consisted of orange chicken and beef broccoli. This caused heartburn/acid reflux.

This morning I woke up with heartburn/acid reflux.

So I think I’m going to try some dietary restrictions and see if that helps at all. I’m going to stay away from dairy and acidic foods like oranges and tomatoes for the next few days.

Restricting my diet has always been a difficult thing for me, except in the case of meat, which I successfully did for a number of years. Oh and nuts have been pretty easy too I guess.

A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease which is basically an allergy to wheat gluten. It can be passed on genetically. I was having serious digestive issues at the time (which I believe turned out to be a result of the birth control I was taking) and thought I may have had Celiac’s as well. I was squimish about going in and getting the blood test done to see if I had it, so I just assumed I did and started trying to eliminate wheat and wheat gluten from my diet.

It did not go well. I cheated ALL THE TIME. I just couldn’t handle a life without wheat. There are so many things that have wheat gluten in them and it seemed impossible to do. Furthermore, the alternative products that were gluten-free were just not the same and in some cases really disgusting with the exception of a few kids’ breakfast cereals I found at the health food store.

I finally went in for a blood test and was relieved to find out that I didn’t have Celiac’s. I promptly celebrated by gorging myself on some of my favorite wheat products.

So life without dairy especially seems pretty overwhelming (I can probably be OK without citrus and tomatoes). Dairy has generally been my go-to food when it comes to treating heartburn without medicine and getting in some extra protein. Milk, yogurt, cheese and of course ice cream are some of my favorite things. I don’t want to feel yucky though either. It’s worth a try at least.

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