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I look like a mom…

Stephen told me last night that he likes this shirt on me…

…because it makes me look like a “typical mom”.

So then I asked what he meant by that, and does that have anything to do with “mom jeans”?

He said kind of, but not in a bad way, in a “cute” way.

What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Now I’m debating if I’m going to wear this shirt the rest of the pregnancy.

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Another doll…

The body of this doll is exaclty the same as for the fairy. It obviously doesn’t have wings though and has a removeable dress. The book calls it the “dress-up dolly”. They only have the one dress pattern though. I think I might try to come up with some other clothes for her. Instead of making the dress a solid color like they did (theirs was red and the doll also had striped purple tights like this one… yuck! on the color combo), I decided to make the dress to look like the one I made for my baby, except blue and not pink. I’m pretty pleased with the result and I hope she’s going to love it.

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Breakfast: I can’t win…

If I eat a bowl of cereal with milk I puke because apparently my body has decided it doesn’t like that much dairy in the morning.

If I eat a breakfast burrito (eggs, potatoes, ham/sausage, a little cheese in a tortilla) I get monster heartburn.

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55 more days…

…provided I actually go into labor on my due date… yeah right, why would anything else about this pregnancy be normal?

OK I know I’m not huge. But I seriously feel so huge. Have I told you yet about how much of a chore turning over in bed has become? I don’t think I have.

So the other night I decided I wanted to lay on my right side instead of my left. I finally get over to the left and I’m breathing a little loudly from the effort that went into changing sleep positions. So Stephen goes, “OK Baxter,” in reference to our beagle that snores and breathes really loud.

Even just sitting on the couch it feels like I have this really huge bowling ball just squashed and hanging off the front of me.

And throwing up at 32 weeks? Way worse than it was at like 20 or 14. Not that I’m back to the vicious throw-up dehydration cycle, just that the actual act of it takes way more out of me.

I did have a weird thing work for me this morning though. About an hour after breakfast I started to feel all hot and clamy and really nauseated. I went and sat on the cold tile in our bathroom under the AC vent like I usually do, but even that wasn’t enough to cool me down or make me feel much better. I thought for sure today was going to end up being like yesterday.

Well, I was just so hot that I asked Stephen to get me an ice pack (technically I guess it’s a cold pack since it isn’t real ice) from our freezer. I started putting it on my shoulders and back and face. I actually started to feel a little better. Well then the baby started moving around an insane amount which was just making me even more nauseaus. I felt like she was kicking my stomach (not my belly, the actual organ). I’d read somewhere that if the baby is kicking you someplace that you don’t like you could try putting an ice pack or something cold there and the baby would move away from that place. I’d been too lazy or it hurt too much to move and actually get an ice pack in the past when she kicked me someplace I didn’t like. This time I had one right in my hands. So I put it at the top of my belly which is basically where the base of my sternum is now. It was like the nausea was suddenly turned off. It was so weird. I got up from the floor still holding the ice pack, went and laid in bed and fell asleep with the ice pack up against my stomach. When I woke up about an hour later I felt totally normal.

Now let me tell you, I’ve heard my share of weird morning sickness remedies, but I think this one is just the weirdest of all. I definitely won’t be trying to push it on any of my pregnant friends though like other people did with me.

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32 weeks

I almost made it two whole weeks without throwing up. Last time was at the 30 week mark when I barfed dinner. Well then this morning I barfed breakfast and almost lost my lunch. So I took an extra dose of medicine this afternoon and knocked out for awhile even though there was major construction going on in the same room. I almost didn’t even do a picture, but I’m feeling a little better this evening and figured I might as well keep up with the belly shots.

Only 8 more weeks till my due date. I think I can do this.

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Dear Baby Bean…

You know that spot right above my pelvis on the left side? Yeah, right there where it comes up to a rounded peak….

Well, it doesn’t feel so good when you shove whatever it is you are shoving into it. That is why I yelp in pain and start breathing funny.

I know you love to move and your movement is getting restricted by your ever decreasing space, but if you could just avoid that particular place from now on it would be greatly appreciated.



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Before it was trendy

So I just signed into my computer and MSN is my homepage. One of the top stories scrolling through is a story about the story OK! magazine did on Jamie Lynne Spears’ pregnancy/birth. I know, I know, celebrity trash and some of you are probably saying, “Gag me now! How can the same girl presenting researched arguments for home birth have something about this crap on her blog?” Well, because the girl is wearing my dress! I recognized it immediately!

Here it is on me at 24 weeks pregnant:

That was almost 2 months ago. Nice to know I’m ahead of the curve in the maternity style department.

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