Update on home birth

So at this point home birth is a go.

My midwife did research. I did research. She conferred with other birth professionals.

Then we talked. Then I talked to Stephen. Basically we feel we are where we were at a month ago.

Yes, I have had complications in this pregnancy.

I’ve also managed to get all my problems under control.

When my midwife took me on she recommended I continue prenatal care with my OB so that if anything serious came up we’d know about it ahead of time.

None of the things that my OB listed as possible complications on Tuesday would just show up suddenly in labor.

Goiters can be detected by ultrasound ahead of time… something I plan to ask for at my next OB visit because regardless of whether I’m having a hospital or home birth I’d want to know ahead of time if my kid is going to have a goiter that could cause breathing difficulties upon birth.

I was also reminded in this situation by good friends that I can’t get too caught up in getting my way. One friend in particular said it best:

We educated ourselves so much and we set so many plans, but what we failed to do was to plan to be flexible. While we as parents have a say in our birth process, there are some things that will happen whether they are fair or not. Just like in life. We cannot control everything that happens to us and at times we may be put through unnecessary hardship. I would encourage you (and Stephen) not to get too caught up in the statistics, the facts, what the books say, what the doctors say, what your friends and families say, and what your own plans are. Its easy to lose sight of the forest by focusing too much on one tree. Especially as it relates to childbirth. I hope that my experience encourages you to do what you need to do to prepare yourself mentally for the flexibility that childbirth requires. Not every birth is cut and dry like a doctor or a book would describe. Each experience is unique and the most important part is who arrives in the end… …I would encourage you guys to do what we failed to do. Let the situation flow naturally and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance along the way. Above all else, do not let any change of plans mark your childbirth experience with discouragement. Whether you have to have a hospital birth or you end up with a home birth that goes slightly different than you had pictured; no matter how small the change do not allow yourself to get discouraged. And do not allow yourselves to look back and say “I really wish it had gone a different way.” If you are flexible, then you and Stephen will be able to have an enjoyable birth experience no matter what the chain of events.


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