Some nursery items

First of all thank God for sisters and communication.

Saturday Stephen’s dad came over in the morning so they could practice for children’s worship on Sunday. Well all that music playing sort of got Stephen in this music tunnel. He decided he wanted to add more songs to his iPod and make sure all the songs were at the same sound level. I was annoyed. Four weeks till the baby is here and there was tons to do!

Then he said he was planning on finishing up the painting and puttying on the entertainment center. We had already went ahead and moved a bunch of stuff into there even though the painting wasn’t done. We had to do this because my sister came to get our office furniture and that was the only place to put everything.

My crazy nesting-ness really could care less about the cosmetics of the entertainment center at this point. Stephen wanted to finish the first project we had started though. And he wanted to mess with his music.

My hormonal self could not handle anything condradictory to my plan and I broke down in tears. It was kind of silly. I was admittedly being a little crazy.

But like I said, thank God for communication. We made a list of everything that needed to be done and I got to rank their priority. We went to Target to get some organization bins for under the entertainment center so we could finish getting everything out of the office. We went through a bunch of junk. We found homes for it and threw a bunch of stuff away.

It felt good to make so much progress.

Sunday my sister, Andrea, came over and we started painting the office to make it into a nursery (finally!). We’re pretty much done except for the chair rail and a few touchups.

I think if she hadn’t come over we probably would have wound up just watching the Olympics for the rest of the day. And I would have felt even more flustered.

Something about my sister coming over just really helped get things moving. Today Stephen called me up to let me know I could go buy a closet organization system for the nursery. So I went ahead and took care of that this morning. We’ll get that installed this week.

I’m getting started on all the laundry that I need to get done too.

Last week when I went shopping for all the items we still needed to get, I changed my mind on the bedding again (I already went from sea life to pink and brown stripes). They didn’t have the most recent bedding I had picked out actually in the stores at Target or Babies R Us. I saw this stuff and could not resist, plus it still matched the color scheme and it was cheaper.

So that resulted in a change of plans for the mobile. I found this pattern for a little stuffed bird and got to work.

My birds are little more goofy looking than the one from the pattern, but I like them.

So that’s what’s been going on around here.

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