Health update

Last night we had another midwife appointment and today we had an ultrasound. So lots to talk about!

At my last OB appointment he agreed that it would be a good idea for me to have a late pregnancy ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was unable to find a goiter. (Yay!) The baby is also still a girl. We got a couple pictures, but they aren’t very good because she’s getting so big that she’s kind of just smashed in there. I can’t scan them either because our printer/scanner/etc is not working and we still haven’t replaced it.

The ultrasound showed she weight 5 1/2 lbs right now, but ultrasounds late in pregnancy to determine the weight of the baby are not that accurate. She was also measuring a week behind according to the ultrasound, but again it is based on averages (Stephen and I are not exactly huge so our baby will probably be on the small end anyway) and they aren’t that accurate at this point. The baby is “sunny side up” or posterior. The baby scored 8/8 on the biophysical because the ultrasound tech witnessed hiccuping, plenty of fetal movement, fetal breathing, and I forget what else made up the points scale. So all around a healthy baby.

Last night at my midwife appointment she confirmed that the baby has dropped a bit like I thought. She said that the baby’s head definitely felt lower than it did last week. When she measured my belly it also measured a little smaller, another sign of the drop. She said that the baby isn’t completely “engaged” yet though (which is good because we want her to turn anterior before that happens). She said in first time moms the baby tends to “drop” about 2-3 weeks prior to the birth. I also finally weighed 2lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight which means I gained 2 1/2 lbs since last week. That’s just crazy to me because I even threw up once last week.

So anyway, everything is good.

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