37 weeks and nursery stuff

This is my belly at 37 weeks:

So tired of being pregnant today. Belly was getting in the way when I was trying to do stuff. I could barely waddle around the stores we had to go to today.

Had some mild low cramping after our shopping expedition. Stephen freaked out about it and made me call our midwife. She basically said it could be nothing or it could turn into something and to go home, rest and drink plenty of water. The cramp went away about 2 minutes after I got off the phone with her. I laid down for an hour, drank a bottle of water and felt fine.

Kind of is surreal to me that this little girl could show up any time at this point.

Anyway, we made a little more progress on her room this weekend. We got the closet system installed, I bought a bunch of baskets from World Market and filled them with all her stuff. I can’t believe such a small person has so much stuff!

These baskets will go in the changing table that Stephen’s sister is giving us. They’re filled with all kinds of diapering goodies already:

This is the closet system with all the baskets and clothes in:

Next weekend we’re going to get the chair rail done and set up the crib. Well, you know, provided I don’t go into labor early or anything.

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