38 weeks

I’m sure the whole dress over jeans thing probably isn’t in style anymore, but I had nothing left to wear and we were already running late to church so I had to make a decision.

Our associate pastor was talking about pregnancy this morning… he was like, “How many of you women would say being pregnant was the best year of your life? Probably not many. First you’re sick. Then you feel kind of OK for a month and then the last trimester comes. My wife was getting kicked in the ribs all the time and could hardly sleep. She would cry and say, ‘I feel like a fat cow and nothing fits.'”

I realize that I’ve not gotten as huge as some people, but I still feel huge and uncomfortable. I have never weighed this much in my whole life. It’s hard work getting up out of bed, off the couch and just moving around in general.

I’m just ready to have this baby be on the outside of me. Maybe it will happen… Stephen’s fortune cookie today said, “You’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way this week.”

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