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Following directions = success!

My attempt at making a diaper bag was a complete and total success!

I credit this to the fact that I didn’t deviate from the instructions, even the ones that I felt like were a little reduntant (i.e. sewing the same seam 2-3 times).

Just take a look and I think you’ll agree:

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A diaper bag attempt begins…

Today I took all my gift cards to Target and Babies ‘R Us to purchase all the items that we still needed.

One of the items I still needed was a diaper bag. I did not get my dream diaper bag (which at $158 I definitely did not expect to).

I looked at the ones they had available at both stores. I’m sorry, but they are just ugly. They’re huge and industrial looking. I couldn’t find a single one that I liked even remotely. I thought about going to JM’s, but I had already been there a few weeks ago and knew the prices were not what I was willing to spend even though they do have cute bags.

So I decided to head over to Beverly’s and see if I could find some fabric and maybe a pattern to make one myself. Well, I found a pattern pretty quickly:

And I was able to find some fabric and vinyl too:

The pattern has instructions for a changing pad, diaper bag, tummy time pillow (basically a Boppy with toys attached), bib, and a pacifier holder. I’m just going to attempt the diaper bag and the changing pad for now.

I really hope these turn out well. My previous attempts at sewing have definitely left something to be desired. But since this is one size and I’m holding myself to following the pattern very closely I hope I can pull it off.

I took 4 years of 4-H sewing for gosh sakes, I should be able to do this.

Also in other pregnancy news, since Saturday I’ve been getting tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. I even had to sit down in the fabric store for 15 minutes today because my stomach was so tight it made it hard to breathe. It doesn’t really hurt though, just a reminder that I need to not overdo myself, drink lots of water and take rests.

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One for cake wrecks… how appropriate for my shower

*Just from the outset I should point out that I have permission from my MIL and mom to make fun of this cake. No feelings will be hurt. I am not the pregnant version of “bridezilla”.

If you don’t know, one of my favorite blogs to read right now is Cake Wrecks. The awful cakes and the commentary are so hilarious. You really ought to head on over there to check it out.

My MIL, my mom and my friend Erin all got together to throw me a baby shower at our church. It was really nice and they all did a great job. I got so many great gifts.

I believe my MIL ordered the shower cake from Costco. She wasn’t into the preset stork design that they offered for baby shower cakes though. So instead she decided to get a little creative. She took a picture of this stuffed baby rattle thing that was going to be incorporated into one of the center pieces and asked them to recreate it on the cake:

This is what they came up with:

Gotta love some hot pink baby!

Now one of the things about Cake Wrecks that she always points out is the misplaced use of quotation marks. In this case, it does kind of make sense though. See the shower was the day before my birthday. My MIL figured there would be plenty of cake leftover after the shower and that she could get double use out of it at the little family birthday party that was held that night. So birth is in quotes I guess to sort of alude to my birthday and the fact that we were celebrating the impending birth of my child.

Oh well. The cake was actually great tasting. My favorite was the strawberry cream filling. I could live off that stuff.

Needless to say with all this weekend’s festivities it was not a good time to be tracking my diet for our natural childbirth class.

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35 weeks… sorry I’m late!

Before my shower on Saturday (35 weeks!), my very good friend Marissa (OTIS grad!) came and took some “professional” photos of us to officially document the pregnancy.

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34 weeks…

Tomorrow I’ll officially be 34 weeks, but since the day’s activities include cleaning, cleaning, painting, and did I mention cleaning? I doubt I’ll be looking picture perfect. Today Stephen’s coworkers are throwing us a little baby shower so I’m off to that in a few minutes.

No updates on the homebirth situation just yet. Will post when I have some news to share.

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Back to the “diet”

So I’m kind of afraid of what my childbirth instructor (she is no longer certified with the Bradley people so we’re not supposed to refer to it that way) is going to say next week when I hand her my meal sheet.

It’s not like I’m eating ice-cream all day, every day. I try to make pretty good choices when I eat. It’s just physically impossible for me to eat everything on the list in that diet.

So I fail. Daily.

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Lost lunch…

Seriously? I’m nearly 35 weeks pregnant and I lost my lunch today. It just came out of nowhere. I thought this was over with already!

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