Some positives and negatives…

Good things:
-I had a midwife appointment last night and baby Bean is engaged.
-I also had a couple contractions this morning.
-Feeling a lot of pelvic pressure.
-I’m not totally huge and uncomfortable like some women get at the end of pregnancy.
-Yesterday I decorated for fall and I am so excited that season is upon us.
-Stephen is back at work today and not home with his cold/allergy/sinus thing again. I’m not particularly great at babying him, so I’m glad about that.

Bad things:
-Called my OB practice just to see if it might be possible to switch to my midwife’s backup this late in the game. They said no. I guess it isn’t surprising, but still disappointing.
-If I don’t have the baby this week I have to go see my OB next week for an NST/ultrasound. He already told me when I handed him my birth plan a few months ago that 10 days overdue is non-negotiable as far as when he induces. So pretty much I have to have this baby by this weekend. It’s kind of stressing me out.
-I broke out in hives again at 4am. I just wish it would stop already.


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