Monday morning

So this was the “deadline” that I’d made up in my head. The deadline when I’d have to call in the “expert,” the OB. I think once again I was over analysing the situation and building it up to be bigger than it needed to be.

I called the office and made an appointment, the earliest available was for 2pm tomorrow. The receptionist asked me why I missed my last appointment and I lied. I said I was having false labor and thought that I was going to have the baby. Actually, I did have some false labor that night so it wasn’t a complete exaggeration. Who am I kidding here? I lied. Not very Christian of me, but oh well. I told her I’d had on and off false labor all week so I kept thinking I was going to deliver and didn’t reschedule.

She said, “Oh you poor thing. Well hopefully we can just get this done and over with for you already.” I said, “Well, actually I’m not too huge and I feel fine. I’m far from suffering. I feel healthy and great.” That pretty much shut her up.

My OB is going to have to put in an authorization for any procedure he wants done so it’s not like I’ll just be induced tomorrow or whatever. I will be able to buy my time. And I can refuse to be induced before 42 weeks. I have that right as a patient.

In other news… I previously blogged about this being a not OK topic for a random person to bring up with me, but I think I started losing a little bit of my plug this morning. I could be wrong. Probably another one of my many TMI subjects, but is kind of exciting and a sign that things are still progressing.

My body is not a failure, it’s just not average. Averages are averages because there is a whole realm of variations outside the average that come together and make up the average. Thanks for your kind responses to yesterday’s post, I really needed to hear them.

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