Baby will be here by the end of the week…

My appointment today was about 2 and a half hours long. I thought it would never end!

My OB didn’t even bring up the fact that I didn’t show up to the last appointment. So I didn’t get a lecture or anything. Yay!

At first he wanted to start an induction this afternoon or tomorrow morning with Cervadil. I got a big long speech about meconium, aspiration and pneumonia.

Luckily, he forgot his doppler so he decided to step out for a couple minutes which gave Stephen and I an opportunity to talk. I made it clear that there is no way I wanted to be induced today or tomorrow. So when the doctor came back in Stephen brought up the fact that there are other OBs that let patients go to 42 weeks. Our doctor said that wasn’t really the trend anymore and most now recommend 41.5 “because in 1 out of 10 cases it is absolutely necessary and even if it is overkill for those other 9 we don’t know when that 1 is going to be.”

We told him about how I’ve been having a lot of false labor, that I’d lost some of my mucus plug and that I’d been feeling really crampy which told us that my body was getting ready and doing what it is supposed to do. We told him we wanted to go as long as possible letting things progress naturally. So Stephen asked him if he’d be open to letting me go until Friday before beginning an induction. Our doctor said that depending on the results from a cervical check, an NST and an ultrasound he might be open to that.

So first he listens to the heartbeat with the doppler. Luckily Bean was in quite the fiesty mood so she was moving around. He said the fact that she was moving around a lot meant there was plenty of amniotic fluid.

Then he did a cervical check. I noticed that this time it was a lot rougher and more painful and that it went a lot deeper. He said he was just checking out my pelvis. All he told me was that I was still 2cm and “soft”.

He told me that I’d have my NST and then the ultrasound and that I needed to drink 32 ounces of water before the ultrasound. I wasn’t sure when that was supposed to happen because both things were back to back and I didn’t have that much water with me.

So we went to a different area of the practice for our NST. They got a good reading with plenty of information. So we passed that test. The NST monitoring lady told me that I didn’t need to drink that much water, that there was no way I’d be able to hold in that much water and not to worry about it, she’d speak to my doctor. Thank goodness. 🙂

Next up was the ultrasound. They actually got me in there pretty quick which was surprising to me. One time when I’d actually had a scheduled ultrasound appointment I think I was waiting there for at least an hour, if not more. This time they were squeezing us in. The ultrasound tech said she got good marks on the biophysical. She said I had good amniotic fluid, but it was a little low. So next up was back to my OB’s office.

As we walked back to my OB’s office I told Stephen that there was a lot of debate surrounding the whole low amniotic fluid thing and that I really hadn’t had a huge amount to drink that day so that could be a contributing factor.

So we got back to my OB’s office knowing that basically everything was healthy and OK. He told us that he was going out of town on Friday and a different doctor which we have seen before would be the on call doctor this weekend. I said that was fine with us. Well then he started trying to convince us to have the Cervadil placed Thursday afternoon so that he could catch the baby on Friday before he left for the trip. I said no and that I wanted to wait until Friday.

On Friday morning, if I’m not already in labor or haven’t had the baby yet, the nurses from the birthing center will call me to come in when a bed is available and the Cervadil will be placed by my OB. By Saturday I should have my baby.

Then after we discussed this he decided to do another ultrasound with the ultrasound machine in the room because he wanted to know how big she is. According to that ultrasound he says she’s 7.5 lbs. We’ll see when she gets here.

My OB wasn’t concerned about my hives and just told me to take Benadryl. I brought up the fact that it causes the milk to dry up and he said as long as I was staying plenty hydrated that I would be fine.

I called my midwife after this and told her about everything. She said from what I described that my OB totally stripped my membranes without telling me when he did the cervical check. It makes me a little mad that he did that without telling me. My midwife said that at this point in the game that it was fine and it might send me into labor on my own which would be good anyway. She also said we would talk on Thursday about some things that we could do if I hadn’t gone into labor yet.

Overall I think there were a lot of positives from the appointment. I was basically able to get what I wanted and find out that the baby is still healthy and doing fine.

That’s about it for today. I just took two Benadryl because while I was at the OB’s office I didn’t bring any creams with me and the hives got pretty bad. I’m starting to feel the sleepy side effects so I’m going to take a late nap.

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