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Still no baby.

Headed to church.

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Umm…. yeah, no thanks…

I think it has been several weeks since I last got pukey. I don’t even remember when the last time was. I could probably go back in the archives here and find out, but I don’t really want to.

Well, tonight I threw up the Concord grapes I had for a snack, 32 oz of red raspberry leaf tea (another induction attempt), some chicken soup and part of the salad I’d had in the last several hours. I seriously thought the puking would never end and I couldn’t believe how much was just coming out of me.

So after that experience I think it is highly unlikely that I’ll be attempting the castor oil tomorrow even though I bought some at the grocery store. It’s a lot easier to contemplate going through a few hours of feeling sick when you haven’t felt sick in awhile and not when it is fresh in the experience timeline.

Little Bean is just going to have to make her appearance on her own time I guess.

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41 weeks *sigh*

Never thought I’d have to wait this long to meet my baby.

I had a lot of pretty intense cramping last night, but not contractions. Right now it feels like someone is ripping apart my cervix. I guess maybe that’s the EPO doing its job.

I just wish things would actually start already!

I’m still debating about whether or not to do the castor oil tomorrow. Horrible abdominal cramping, diarhea and puking doesn’t exactly sound like fun.

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Midwife appointment

We talked about my OB’s manditory induction rule and how she wants me to go back to see him for an NST. It was basically an ongoing topic the entire appointment. She did say she might be able to have us get an NST as a cash patient with her other backup OB (he’s at a different practice). It would buy us a little more time and we wouldn’t have to face my OB just yet. Since the discussion was kind of ongoing we basically decided that we wouldn’t really worry about that bridge until Monday morning.

Stephen was scheming all these ways we could beat around the system. It was just funny to see him so protective of our chance to home birth, a definite frustration with the medical system and my doctor’s blanket rule. It’s like he’s become a completely different person in the last few weeks. I really feel confident now that he’s right there with me in this decision and not just going along with what I want. I know he’s sure about our decision. It really makes me so much more comfortable. I don’t know how to explain it or explain why that is important, but it is.

I’m still measuring fine, baby is moving, baby and I are growing, and her heart rate is fine. I did have a slightly higher blood pressure reading at this appointment, but my midwife thinks that the topic of discussion probably has something to do with that. Everything else was normal.

I decided I wanted her to do a cervical check. I just wanted to know if all this cramping and false labor is doing anything. I’m still 2 cm, but I’m now 70% effaced. The baby is definitely at 0. My midwife used Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) as a lubricant which is also an old midwife trick for softening the cervix. She also said she “irritated” my cervix a little on purpose which might help start some contractions.

She told me a couple more things we could try this weekend, EPO capsules being one of them. The other thing she said I could try is castor oil, but she said her only concern with that is my HG history and the possibility of getting dehydrated. If I do it, I need to make sure to drink plenty of water and probably some Gatorade too.

Anyway, that’s where things stand for now. Will update if there is anything exciting to share.

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Just so you know…

I am aware that sex is a natural induction method.

I have heard this tip from no less than 20 people today, including one person from whom it was just… umm… very awkward to get that kind of advice from.

I am capable of researching methods for getting things going. I chose to only talk about the walking because that seemed proper for a blog that the whole world can read.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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6 days overdue…

No baby yet. The crampiness continues.

I walked or was on my feet pretty much the whole day yesterday which only resulted in my feet getting really sore. Stephen tried this reflexology/pressure point foot and ankle massage technique on me someone at his work said sent them into labor. That didn’t work either. It was nice though after being on my feet all day.

I went walking in the neighborhood this morning and did some “curb walking” too. Nothing.

I’m headed to the mall now to do some more walking and maybe a little shopping. Last week there was a shirt at Old Navy that would be perfect for a certain 4 year old I know.

We have another midwife appointment tonight and I have a lot of questions for her especially with regards to my OB, the 10 day overdue induction policy he has and getting an NST next week.

I just want my baby to be born healthy and peacefully and I want to hold her already, dang it!

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More progress…

I have been really crampy since 4am. I don’t know if I’d call it contractions, just tons of inconsistent cramping low in my pelvis.

I told Stephen I want to go to the fair tonight and do lots of walking. Don’t know if it will be the best idea with our allergies though. Maybe we’ll just stick to the neighborhood.

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