Two month checkup

Today Bean had her two month check. She weighed 12lbs 10.5 ounces. So she’s gained 2lbs in the last month. Dr. Deeths says that must mean I have really good milk. Bean was wearing one of her midwife onesies and Dr. Deeths thought it was really cute and said that I’m really good at embroidery.

She got two vaccines today, tetnus and polio. She hardly cried at all. Just a little fuss for the second one and that was it. She was supposed to get four shots today, but we’re delaying those until our next visit. I don’t want her getting more than two shots per visit. I haven’t really done a huge amount of research on the vaccines thing, but so far my inclination is just to do that. It seems like an awful lot for her little body to handle more than that.

Bean’s thyroid levels were normal so she doesn’t have to get another blood draw until she’s six months old which is a huge relief. Dr. Deeths also said she remembers seeing my lab work (even though it wasn’t my appointment this time around) and my levels were normal too. So it seems that it really was just a pregnancy thing. I’ve been off the PTU for over a month and a half now and I feel totally fine. I’m so glad that the thyroid thing isn’t permanent and I don’t have to take medicine for the rest of my life, at least not yet anyway. We’re both going back in February.

Today our midwife is coming over to check me out. I’ve still been feeling a little uncomfortable during long walks so we want to make sure I’m healed up properly. I’m also hoping to talk to her about coming up with a plan for dealing with hyperemesis if I get pregnant again. I thought I wanted to adopt any subsequent children, but after experiencing a homebirth I think I want to have another baby. This isn’t something I want to attempt for at least a year, but I want to make sure we have a plan in place just in case.

Last time around I just ran to the doctor and asked for a prescription when I got my first bit of nausea. Well, I did try sea bands and ginger tea, but I want to see if there is any other natural cures my midwife knows about first. I also want to try and have a plan so if it does get as bad as it did last time, we aren’t spending the night in the ER a bunch. And I also want to plan ahead next time to have a bunch of meals frozen so we don’t wind up living on fast food for 4 months.

I’ve heard that in some ways even the second go round with HG is a little easier because you have a child there with you to distract you from the constant nausea. I hope that is the case. Still, I can’t really imagine trying to take care of a child and puking 6-20 times a day.

Well anyway, I’ll talk more about Bean tomorrow for her weekly update. Can you believe she’s already 10 weeks old? Wow!


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