On ripping and perfection

My husband can’t stand to see me knit.

Now before you get the wrong idea, let me explain this a little. It isn’t because he thinks that knitting is a bad thing. It isn’t because he dislikes the end product(s). It isn’t because he think I spend too much time on it or that I shouldn’t have a hobby.

It is because I am perfectionist and will rip out most projects no less than three times. I won’t stand for an imperfection. If I notice one, it doesn’t matter how far along I am, I will rip back.

I am that anal and picky.

I’ve changed one of the sweater projects for the third time. It is getting down to crunch time where I just need to pick something and knit it and stick with it. No ripping out. This morning I had almost the entire back done of a very beautiful sweater with an intricate stitch design. I have spent hours on this thing. Well, I realized as I got to the shoulder shaping that I completely skipped some decreases.

I was going to have to rip all the way back to the beginning of the armhole. As I approached it, I just kept on ripping. I knew that if I had to redo the intricate stitch pattern again that it would take forever again and I’d never get this or the other two sweaters done. So I ripped the whole thing this morning and have started on a completely different pattern with the yarn that will be much faster and easier.

Here’s my progress (yikes):

I have to start the next sweater by Dec. 8 in order to stay on schedule (yes I have a schedule, that’s how anal I am). Let’s hope that happens.

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