Get going

I wake up to the alarm at 8:30am.
I don’t want to get up today.
The blankets are so warm.
The bed is so comfy.
The baby still fast asleep.
“Hmmmm!” I whine to myself as I toss back the blankets and stumble over to the alarm that is now blaring those annoying tones.
Just one snooze. Just one.
Then back into bed to snuggle with the babe.
I’ve barely drifted off when I am again accosted by the persistent beeping of the alarm.
“Why aren’t any of our iPods on that thing?” I think to myself as I once again toss back the blankets and stumble over.
“OK I’m up. I’m up. I have to be up.”
A trip to the dryer to find some workout clothes to change into. Then socks from the top drawer.
Baby is still asleep. I don’t want to disturb her.
Another trip to the dryer to find one of the new warm outfits I bought.
Cute tan pants with a heart on the butt and a long sleeve onesie with pastel polka dots.
I take them into her room and place them on the changing table for when I wake her from sweet slumber.
Into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.
“Jeeze I just bought this box Wednesday and it is already mostly gone. How much cereal has my husband been eating the last two days?”
I take my bowl to the couch for a quick check of my e-mail.
My walking partner is too busy today and won’t be able to make it.
I could just crawl back into bed. Back into the warm bed and snuggle with a sweet little girl that is making the most adorable sighs.
Nope. I’m up.
I haven’t been for a walk since the Monday before Thanksgiving.
I need to do this.
Yes, it will make me uncomfortable. Yes, I’m tired and cold, but I need to do this.
It’s time to get going.


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