“Look! Hers is holding my hand.”

Between other mamas going into labor, phone tag, sick kids and busy schedules my midwife and I were having a bit of trouble connecting. Finally, today I called her up since I was heading over to that side of town and she was planning to be home all day!

When I got there she was doing a prenatal on another client. I came inside and she had me wait in the livingroom. One of her daughters exclaimed, “Mom you have TWO ladies now!” She seemed really excited about it.

In addition to her kids she had one of her nieces over. All the girls were so cute. They were all pretending to be pregnant with dolls stuffed up their shirts. They were very interested and excited about Bean being in their presence. As I sat down I was swarmed by them.

“Can I touch her head?”

“Sure. Just be gentle.”

Bean was immediately loved on by these little girls with kisses, hugs and pats on the head.

“Look! Hers is holding my hand.”

“Yep, she sure is. She might not give it back. She likes to hold onto things really tight.”

“Hers likes me.”

“I think you’re right she’s smiling right at you.”

“Can I hold her?”

“No, she’s still too little.”

“She’s wearing pink just like my baby.”

“That’s right.”

“Oooo Little Bill is on. Does she like Little Bill?”

“Well, she doesn’t really watch TV yet so I don’t know.”

“Can you button my Cinderella costume?”

“Sure can!”

“She looks just like my cousin.”

“Our cousin just turned one.”

“Wow her eyes are blue!”

“She smells good.”

The other couple left and I started to head back to the “exam room” aka my midwife’s bedroom.

“Is Mommy going to check you out? Are you going to have another baby?”

“Oh, no. Not yet. She’s just checking me out for after the baby.”

“Sorry. They’re all just very interested in what I do.”

“Oh, it’s OK.”

And OK hanging out with all those cute little girls today that were so interested in Bean totally makes me want another baby. It was so cute seeing them interact. I know we need to space things out a little bit more than this, but jeeze it was cute.

After that I headed over to Babies ‘R Us where I saw a very pregnant and gorgeous Kourtni hanging out with her beautiful kids and trying to keep busy till little Genevieve decides to make her debut.


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One response to ““Look! Hers is holding my hand.”

  1. Kourtni

    Aww… you are so sweet!! And I was thinking the exact same thing about you…. you look AMAZING. I love your haircut so much!! And it was so awesome to see Bean in person. She’s an absolute doll. I might have to find myself one of those baby slings. Bean looked so comfy cozy.

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