Week Eleven

She really, really likes practicing to stand and sit up like a big girl. She really, really hates tummy time now. Since she’s already got neck control, we’re doing lots of sitting/standing practice and I carry her around upright in the sling, I haven’t really made her do it anymore. I figure she’s getting plenty of muscle work with the other activities and I don’t want to upset her.

She’s starting to try and flip over. She can get to her side and then she gets stuck.

When she’s really happy and smiley she’s started sticking her tongue out. If I stick my tongue out back she laughs and smiles or mimicks me. It is so cute!

She’s been a lot more reactive to us lately with smiles and even making noises in response to us making noises. The other night she was totally copying me with sounds, smiles and even shaking her head back and forth.

She’s taken an interest in playing with the hanging toys on her activity mat. She can lay there and bat at those things for a good hour or so. She makes so much noise while she does it too.

We think that she might be left handed because she has the most control with that hand at this point. It’s the hand she usually sucks on and hits the toys with. She uses the right hand too, but the left is definitely more dominant.


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  1. emily

    Cute-cute-cutey pants!!

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