Eye Candy Friday: It’s Christmas once more…

First of all, thank you blog buddies for helping me in my Christmas card decision. We did wind up going with the “First Christmas” design. I did change the wording around a bit though and I discovered a grammatical dilema in the process. I was trying to figure out what the correct plural form of “Wuertz” is. The Internet was of no help. Tons of debate on the subject. Apparently some people think it is Wuertz’ and some people thing it is Wuertzes. And basically what I gathered is that it is a matter of preference though most people prefer the “es” because the apostrophe makes you think it is possessive. Well, we went with the apostrophe. And I’ve been fretting about it ever since because I’m like an actual writer and was an editor and stuff, so I should know this. (Way to show off my grammatical skillz with that last sentence, eh?) Yeah, when I showed Stephen the card he actually gasped because he thought that the apostrophe was wrong and that made me fret even more. Oh well, cards are printed, paid for, and sealed in their envelopes now so there’s nothing much we can do about it.

I’m proud of myself because I got all my Christmas shopping done in one day. Go me! Things were a little crazy yesterday, but I got it all done even if we did wind up eating Carl’s for dinner instead of the pizza I had planned to make.

Things are looking very much like Christmas around here now and it smells heavenly thanks to the rosemary “tree” I bought yesterday. We’d been planning to put one in our backyard anyway so I figured it was the perfect solution.

This reminds me of a little tangent story. So a few years ago when I was working at the news station someone sent our news director a rosemary tree for Christmas. I watched for weeks as the thing sat in his office dying a slow death because he didn’t water it. Just when it was at the brink of being able to be brought back to life with a little water I contemplated going in there and saying, “Sir, if you don’t want the rosemary tree, I’d love to have it for my garden. I use fresh rosemary in my cooking all the time.” But I was too chicken (with good reason) and I didn’t. My friend Megan and I were so sad about it.

Anyway, I now am the proud owner of my very own rosemary tree. It was on sale at Target ($10, normally $20) too. Stephen thought it was funny when he saw it and laughed when I told him I was going to decorate it.

It has the most lights per square inch of any tree we’ve ever owned because I had to use up a whole strand on just that one tree. I have about a billion mini white snowflake ornaments and so I used some of them as the only ornaments. Then I topped it with one of my fancy snowflake ornaments. It’s the perfect addition to the fireplace.

Oh and look at this sweet little stocking I found for Bean yesterday which totally goes with our whole snowflake theme while also being a little fun and childish:

And just for fun, this is what happens when you have your camera set on the micro setting but you aren’t actually taking a picture of something small:



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2 responses to “Eye Candy Friday: It’s Christmas once more…

  1. I for one think your decorated Rosemary tree is ADORABLE. 🙂 Really, your whole fireplace scene there is just perfect– like something out of a homey magazine. And Bean’s stocking is too cute!!

    I am so impressed– all your Christmas shopping in one day! Wow. I still need to finish some of mine. In fact, that’s what I’m off to do next, as soon as I wake my children up from their MUCH-needed naps (I didn’t even attempt going this morning, it would have been a disaster waiting to happen with whiny kids like mine were :)) (There’s some good grammar there too, huh?)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love stockings. They remind me of wonderful Christmas mornings full of surprises. 🙂

    I am really glad I found your blog! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your little Bean too–our girls are close in age and both so cute!

    Anyways hope your Christmas is filled with His blessings and presence!

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