Week thirteen, month three and Christmas Eve

Dear Bean,

Today three months, thirteen weeks and Christmas Eve all came on the same day.

Last year at this time Papa and I were cleaning our house in preparation for a huge family feast with 25 people. I didn’t even know I was pregnant with you yet, but I was already so very tired. Papa kept getting frustrated with me because I was sitting down on the job every 10 minutes. As I watched your cousins open presents the next day I remember feeling kind of sad because I thought I’d never get to see kids of my own excitedly tearing into wrapping paper. We didn’t find out for another month that you were already growing in my tummy.

You got ridiculous amounts of presents from us, stuff I’ve been buying basically all year long. The funny thing is you aren’t going to remember this Christmas or what you got. I’ll also probably be the one to open back up the presents I spent hours wrapping last night. Oh well, it is your first Christmas and there won’t be another one like it.


The past week you’ve been quite the grump. Every day from about 4:30pm until we put you to bed for the night you are pretty much inconsolable unless you are sleeping. I guess this is what is known as the “witching hour”. I have to admit that all the fussing has me pretty frazzled feeling lately. I don’t know how people with even fussier babies do it. I think I would go insane.

You are still teething and have your hands in your mouth almost all the time. There doesn’t seem to be much progress on the teeth though. Still just a bulge on your right bottom and bulge on the bottom left with tiny bit of white peeking through. I’m really ready for the whole teething thing to be over with, but I know it is going to last awhile. I just hate to see you uncomfortable and upset.

With the holiday upon us, that means we are going to be out of town for the rest of the week to be with family. As a result, I’ve got you in disposable diapers so that we don’t have to commandeer Aunt Ruth’s washing machine and so we can pack a little lighter as your diapers take up quite a bit of space.

I have to say that I still don’t know how people use these diapers regularly. Aunt Andrea said that Huggies are better and thicker than Pampers, but I can’t tell the difference. I think they both suck. You’ve had diaper leakage problems maybe three times in your BumGenius diapers. Two of those times could have been averted if I had changed your diaper a little sooner. You are rarely in disposables, but you’ve had at least 10 blowouts when you have been in them.

It seems like whenever I put one on you I am just asking for it. So while we won’t be packing our entire stash of massive diapers to take with us, we will be packing plenty of outfit changes.

In a few hours my family will be here to hold you and love on you. Hopefully you won’t get overwhelmed like you have been around lots of people lately.

Standing has become one of your favorite things to do. Sometimes it is the only way to make you happy. You’re probably going to be an early walker so I guess I’d better get to childproofing this house soon.   

You are getting so big! I did your monthly measurements this morning and this is what I found:

You are about 23 inches long.

Your head is 16.25 inches around.

And your chest is 15.75 inches around.

I haven’t weighed you, but you definitely feel more chunky. Your cute little baby fat rolls on your arms and legs seem to indicate this as well. Something funny I noticed today is that you have elbow skin. I’m not sure when that showed up, but it definitely used to be smooth right there.

Overall you are still a really sweet and happy baby. You also like to sleep in late in the mornings which is very nice for me. When you do wake up we have lots of cuddle time too. That’s one of my favorite things.

Love you baby girl,


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  1. How sweet, she is just growing up so fast! I love her cheeks! She’s so adorable and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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